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Book Release Delays Make the BIG DAY Sweeter!

Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love coverTo paraphrase Robert Burns – “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

The release of Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love  was intended to be released in the middle of December. I am pleased to announce that after an unfortunate sequence of unforeseeable delays it is now finally released and available!

I have been signing copies like crazy, and for those of you who pre-ordered, Santa’s lost elf has been busy stuffing the envelopes which have been stamped and addressed since your checks arrived.  The books will be dropped at the post office first thing today, so to all of you who pre-ordered many thanks, you will receive them soon.

I hope you enjoy the book once you receive it. It picks up five years after that day we spent with Rosemary, her faithful dachshund Buster and all the couples who tied knot in the Chapel of Eternal Love. Where are they now? What have they been doing? More importantly, what is the compelling reason beckoning them all to Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love?


Interested in finding out?  Order your copy here !!!


With love from the cast of characters at the Chapel of Eternal Love,


Stephen Murray


9811 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste 2-354,

Las Vegas, NV 89117

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Stephen Murray is a WSN Member whose first book “The Chapel of Eternal Love” was released Valentine’s Day of 2014 and won Amazon’s Best of the Month moniker upon its release. The sequel picks up five years later and revisits the eclectic cast of lovebirds after their wedding day. )

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Guest Bloggers Wanted!!!

We know that you like to write, otherwise why are you reading this? Here’s a chance to add to your publications list and see your name up in lights (well, teensy LED monitor lights at least.) Your byline here! All we need are five hundred (500) words on a writing related topic. This is non-fiction, but it could be about poetry, or about novels, or about publishing, or getting an agent, or, or whatever you have to say that relates to writing. Personal experiences would be wonderful! Let the world know how you got that agent! Tell them about how you like to pitch. Heck, tell them how you pitched the next Huckleberry Finn, if that’s what you’ve done.

It’s easy, too! Just send your article, as an attachment or in the body of your email, to me, Steve Fey, at the address Be sure to put WSN Article in the subject line of your mailing or I might miss it, and that would be a shame. Right now we’re posting two a week, but it would be great to have more, so come one and join the fun. Submit to the WSN blog today!

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Decisions, Decisions

Sheryl Greenblatt

I have a confession to make. I don’t like making decisions. In fact, it’s akin to sticking pins in my eyes. I’ve always been like this. It started with shopping. I search and search and then tired and disgusted from the journey, I buy something. I have to shop in stores that allow refunds because I will inevitably be struck with a roaring case of buyer’s remorse and have to go back to the store, tail between my legs, to return my purchase.

The reason I’m outing my skeleton for fellow writers is to explain a recent situation of mine, one which we all hope to be in at some point: I received an offer to publish my first novel. Now, before you jump up and down like a twelve year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert, let me tell you a bit about the specifics. As all writers should, I poured my heart, my soul, and six months of my life into writing this novel. Making light of a serious situation with my signature morbid humor, I felt (and feel) that it is a topic which deserves to be discussed.

After just a few weeks of submitting my manuscript to agents, my inbox was filling up with overly polite form rejection letters. And then came the one email I’ve been waiting my whole life to read: “We love your manuscript and would like to publish it.” I was filled with warm fuzzies. My hard work, my blood, sweat and tears were finally paying off. I lept around the house like a gazelle on Ecstasy and phoned my nearest and dearest.

The high lasted about 48 hours before the reality of the situation struck me. The publishing company was brand new, there would be no advance, and for these reasons, I would not be eligible to join the Writer’s Guild. It’s not that I was expecting a check for three million dollars, or that I was waiting for the president of Penguin to phone me personally to extend his congratulations. It’s just that I really had my heart set on joining the Writer’s Guild. It may sound silly, but I hope to have a long writing career and that will be my signal that it’s begun. I will finally be A Writer.

You might be asking yourself right now, “Is she crazy? She got a publishing offer.” And I might be. I mulled over the decision for months, consulting every writer, life coach, friend, and dog that would listen before, in a moment of false bravado, I turned down the deal.

I still don’t know if I made the right choice, and I’m not sure I ever will. As writer’s we struggle with the decision to take the first offer that comes our way, it’s an offer after all, and may be the only one we get, or to hold out for that amazing deal which will catapult us into fame and fortune (sort of). No one can make that choice for us.

The offer is still on the table and fingers crossed, there’s another one out there with my name on it.

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