Writers Roundtable

WSN’s Writers Roundtable is a monthly forum for members, prospective members and guests

to gather, discuss, and/or diverge from a general topic of discussion

in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.


Topics are sometimes about the craft of writing, other times about the business of writing,

and always aim to both inform and inspire.



WHEN: The WSN Writers Roundtable is usually the SECOND TUESDAY of every month,

but scheduling conflicts due occur from time to time so check back here for updates.

WHERE:  6:30-7:30PM at The Coffee Press inside the Paseo Verde branch of the Henderson Public Library across from The District.



Writers Roundtable 

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

from 6:30-7:30PM 

(inside the Coffee Press at Paseo Verde Library in Green Valley Ranch)

Topic: “Setting Goals and Anticipating Hurdles for 2020″

(Strategies to anticipate the challenges to your 2020 writing goals)

Expanding on last month’s pursuit of publication discussion, this month we are giving members and guests the opportunity to talk about what they are working on and identify challenges to their publishing goals for 2020.  We all get energized talking about our work. But sometimes we avoid discussing the hurdles we must overcome to reach our lofty, or even our more humble writing goals. Writing is a solitary art only when you are putting words to the page. To take a book to market it takes a village. This meeting will serve as a forum to articulate our goals with each other and discuss any areas we are unsure about.  Whether you think you need help with story structure, polishing your manuscript, editing, cover design, layout, finding an agent or publisher, setting up your own publishing company, marketing, public speaking or anything else, identifying what we’re unsure about or need help with enables us to find the resources we need in order to achieve our goals. It will also help WSN plan specific programs in the coming year to help you on your journey. So join us at our next WSN Roundtable. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your current projects with the group, get feedback from your fellow writers and discuss strategies for getting published in the new year.

We look forward to seeing you for good coffee and collaborative conversation!

Moderated by Eric James Miller.

(free for WSN Members and first time guests / $5 non-members)

WSN's roundtable discussions are informal, but informative. Everyone will have the chance to share their thoughts and
ask questions about various aspects of being a working writer.  As always, the conversation is likely to
morph and evolve in different directions depending on what everyone brings to the table with their favorite cup of 

We look forward to seeing you for compelling conversation and great coffee!


Free for members and first-time visitors,

$5 for non-members.


The WSN Writers Roundtables launched after one of our board meetings and a discussion about the ethics of celebrity journalism, specifically the Rolling Stone Sean Penn/El Chapo article. It evolved into a lively discussion about the trend towards celebrity journalism in general … and thus the Roundtable was formed.



WSN’s first Writers Roundtable, Tuesday March 1, 2016 at The Coffee Press


Our official inaugural Roundtable happened on Tuesday March 1, 2016 and was led by UNLV professor and new WSN Board Member Greg Blake Miller. It evolved into a spirited discussion about using personal travel experiences and emotional memory in our writing. We closed the joint and the conversation spilled into the parking lot. The same thing has happened every time so far.

So if you’re interested in talking about writing with other writers,

stop by and visit us next time!


(TOPICS: If you would like to suggest a topic, or offer to lead a discussion, please send an email to: ‘nevadawriters(at)gmail(dot)com’

with the Subject: Writers Roundtable Suggestion.)


Past Topics Include:

“Life, Literature and the Pursuit of Publication”

“Social Media And You – The Challenges and Pitfalls of Social Media”

“Bringing Life (and Lives) to the Page: The Challenge of Creating Memorable Characters”

“Home: What It Means To You And What It Means To Your Characters”

“Imbuing Your Life Experiences Into Your Writing, Your Characters and Your Stories”

“Saving Your Darlings” – what you love about your own writing and why you write

“Beginnings” – a discussion of how to grab your readers from page one

“Welcome to the rest of your life – telling the coming of age story at any age”

“Writing the City: Putting urban spaces, histories and memories to work in your storytelling”

“Let’s Talk: Deploying Dialogue In Your Stories”

“Contracts! Contracts! Contracts! (and Legal Terms Every Writer Should Know)”

“Choosing What To Do Next” – Authors have to make a lot of decisions. What story do they want to tell? What characters do they want to bring to life? Should they self-publish or try to find an agent? How to carve out time to write when you’re in a relationship or have a family? How do you choose what to do next?

“Authors Voice” – when it intrudes, when it enhances your story.

The Use of Pets (and other animals) to show character traits and help define settings and scenes.

Revolution and Change: Telling stories of transformation, from the personal to the global

Holiday Stories – Writing About Them To Add Realism To Your Narratives

Goal Setting for Authors

Heartbreak: Telling Tales of Lost Love

Pacing: The Art of Suspense on Page and Stage

Dreaming of Elsewhere: The Art of World-Building in Fiction (and, yes, even in nonfiction)

Writing About Movies: The Art of Turning Pictures Back Into Words.

Adding Wit and Humor to Non-Fiction Writing

Crafting Twists and Dropping Clues, Not Just For Mysteries!

Tips on Using Research to Add Authenticity To Your Writing

Interviewing for Storytellers

Into The Dark: The Art of the Scary Story

Common Myths of Being A Writer

Heating Up During The Holi-daze – Goal-setting for 2019!

What’s Love Got to Do With It: Writing About Relationships, Minus the Mush.

The Soil Beneath the Story: Putting the Nuances of Place Into Your Story

The Hook & the Cliffhanger: How To Keep Readers Hanging On

Analogue Writing About A Digital World

Evolving Self-Promotion