Guest Bloggers Wanted!!!

We know that you like to write, otherwise why are you reading this? Here’s a chance to add to your publications list and see your name up in lights (well, teensy LED monitor lights at least.) Your byline here! All we need are five hundred (500) words on a writing related topic. This is non-fiction, but it could be about poetry, or about novels, or about publishing, or getting an agent, or, or whatever you have to say that relates to writing. Personal experiences would be wonderful! Let the world know how you got that agent! Tell them about how you like to pitch. Heck, tell them how you pitched the next Huckleberry Finn, if that’s what you’ve done.

It’s easy, too! Just send your article, as an attachment or in the body of your email, to me, Steve Fey, at the address Be sure to put WSN Article in the subject line of your mailing or I might miss it, and that would be a shame. Right now we’re posting two a week, but it would be great to have more, so come one and join the fun. Submit to the WSN blog today!

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  2. Thanks – actually it was only from about 4pm to 6:45pm – I would like to spend a whole day there to capture more behavior shots. But one also needs to digiscope, because the birds on the slough are far away. Maybe, one day.

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