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Writers Roundtable – December 2020

The Next Writers Roundtable is 

(A monthly, informal discussion where we talk about topics relevant to today’s working author.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 from 6-7:30PM

Join us for another presentation of our new “Publishing During The Pandemic” Series,

this time featuring authors PAUL PAPA and WAYNE TURMEL.

They are both seasoned authors who have published fiction and non-fiction titles in the past eight months

and they both have additional book releases scheduled in the coming months

so come learn how they are making it happen.

Moderated by Eric James Miller

Desert Dust: One Man’s Passion to Uncover the True Story Behind an Iconic American Photograph 

is Paul Papa’s multi-year effort to tell the story of a photograph. Near the end of World War II and only weeks before the start of the Cold War, a wild palomino stallion was captured and photographed in the Red Desert of Wyoming. Almost overnight, the photograph became a sensation—an iconic American symbol of strength, independence, and freedom. After winning a national contest, the photograph landed in the Wyoming State Capital, the House of Commons in London, the Canadian Parliament in Toronto, and the Senate Chambers of the United States. Along the way, the stallion was the subject of an Academy Award-nominated short, two travelogues, and articles in several national magazines. The photograph was displayed in bars, restaurants, and public buildings. It was reproduced in a wide variety of forms. That is, until a lawsuit with one of the strangest judgments ever issued curtailed everything. Desert Dust is the story of one man’s passion to uncover the true story of two men, a wild stallion, and the photograph that changed their lives forever.

DesertDust_eBook_MEDAL.jpg              Cover with Indies today badge.jpg

Maximum Rossi: A Las Vegas Crime Noir is the first of his new crime noir series. Massimo “Max” Rossi, the son of mob “fixer” Boston Rossi, winds up with more than he bargained for when a game of high stakes poker turns into a boxing match. All eyes turn to him when the police find his opponent, a hitman from Chicago, dead.

And if that isn’t bad enough, his only alibi–the dead man’s girlfriend–is missing. Rossi is in the struggle of his life, where every turn brings him closer to an untimely end. He’s got to find the girlfriend before his time runs out. But in fledgling Las Vegas, time is an abstract concept, and people can hide almost anywhere. Rossi came to Vegas to escape his past, but his past came with him. Set in Las Vegas of the 1950s, Maximum Rossi takes the reader on a thrilling crime noir ride, reminiscent of tales penned by the likes of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett..

Wayne Turmel’s new novel, Johnny Lycan & the Anubis Disk, is out November 19. It’s his fourth novel and first urban fantasy/detective thriller after 3 historical novels.  The tagline is: “Lost relics, dangerous enemies, and a monstrous secret. Being a werewolf might be the most normal thing about this case.” His other book, The Long-Distance Teammate, Stay Engaged and Connected Working  Anywhere, is perfectly timed for the new modern world we all find ourselves. It is the sequel to the Long-Distance Leader, which is in 5 foreign languages and is a best-seller through Berret Koehler publishers.


Be sure to join us in December to hear these two prolific authors share the ups and downs, joys and challenges of publishing during the pandemic!

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Writers Roundtable – July 2020


Note: our meeting has to be divided into 40-minute segments

so there are TWO ZOOM LINKS below (one for Part One and one for Part Two)

What’s the topic? Glad you asked! Greg’s going to be leading us in a discussion about writing about the times we currently find ourselves in. Have you written anything about it? Are you toying around with the idea? Well then put your fingers in close proximity to a keyboard, or for you old-schooler’s out there pick up a pen and notebook, and bang out a short narrative, or even just a character sketch. Put you or a character in a grocery store, out on the open road, at a job, in an airport and bring it to the Roundtable. Read it and get some feedback (Greg is an EXCELLENT editor) or just discuss it to brainstorm plot points or anything else you need.

History has laid down its challenge to writers: We live, to put it mildly, interesting times. So now we have to decide how to respond to the challenge. How do we integrate the stuff of the world into our writing without turning our creative work into a series of enraged editorials (we’ll leave that to social media, thank you)? How do we weave together the personal and the public, the everyday and the historic? What are the subtle threads that bind our storytelling with the story of our time? For our next Writers of Southern Nevada/Olympian Creative Virtual Writers Roundtable at 6 p.m. on July 14, we’d love to hear your stories that draw on and build upon the times we’re living through. Feel free to bring excerpts of up to 1,000 words to read to the group, as well as examples from your favorite writers. Join us for this fun, free-flowing discussion moderated by UNLV writing professor and Olympian Creative director Greg Blake Miller. Hope to see you there!

Here is the link for PART ONE of the Meeting:

Topic: Greg Blake Miller’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Tuesday Jul 14, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 758 5077 7704
Password: 5EdFkN
Here is the link for PART TWO of the Meeting:

Topic: Greg Blake Miller’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Jul 14, 2020 06:45 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Part Two of the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 776 5483 5566
Password: 2Ys7c2

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November 3rd, 2018

at Joe Maxx Coffee House

500 E. Windmill, Las Vegas, NV

(conveniently located in-between the 15 and 215 freeways!)

Featuring Authors

Tonya Todd

Larry Johns

Oksana Marafioti


Painted Stories XI Chills


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