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Writers Roundtable: January 2020

Writers Roundtable 

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

from 6:30-7:30PM 

(inside the Coffee Press at Paseo Verde Library in Green Valley Ranch)


Topic: “Putting Distractions To Work For Us”

(The Upside of Meg-xit, WW3 And Other Rabbit Holes)

Join us for our monthly discussion where we talk about topics relevant to today’s working author.

This month, in the wake of Meg-xit, is a great time to look at the fragility and the solace of our writing routines. After almost two full months of holiday after holiday where are we at with our new 2020 Resolutions? Are we still returning gifts? Are we still trying to figure out what just happened? Is the news not making any sense at all anymore? Should we be pooling our money to buy a small fleet of RV’s to go live in northern Canada together for five to ten years? (where of course there’s still good internet access so that we can still upload our new novels and update the keywords on our Amazon pages?). Join us for a lively discussion about getting sh*^ done even in the midst of chaos and carving out our own little refuges every time we sit down to write. Time permitting, we’ll also talk about turning distractions into (sometimes lucrative) inspirations.

Feel free to bring something that you are currently working on to share with the group if you like.

Open Forum, with WSN Members Diane Taylor and Eric Miller kicking off the discussion.

(free for WSN Members and first time guests / $5 non-members)

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