Welcome to the Writers of Southern Nevada

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Writers of Southern Nevada is a fellowship of writers, authors, and those who love thewritten word. In fulfillment of its vision to become the preeminent organization of its type in the state, WSN inspires, supports, educates, and encourages writing and writers as they develop their craft and careers through sponsorship of activities, programs, gatherings, and an online community. In addition, WSN provides information about southern Nevada to writers everywhere and showcases the writing community in the Las Vegas Valley. Writers of Southern Nevada is a nonprofit corporation with a board of directors and organizing committee.

Writers of Southern Nevada’s mission is:

“To advance the craft and the business of writing through education, collaboration, networking, and access to resources.”

WSN places particular emphasis on strategies and tactics to help writers adapt to the revolutionary transformation taking place in the publishing industry and related fields. In addition, WSN showcases Las Vegas and its writing community and provides resources for writers seeking a greater understanding of the city’s evolving culture, unique influence and colorful history.

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