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Writers Roundtable – January 8, 2019

Tuesday, January 8, 6:30-7:30PM

Topic: Social Media And You

Join us as we talk about building and maintaining an effective author platform using social media. 
Starting with what is an author platform? we will look at many creative and effective ways to build, 
grow and maintain one. This discussion will NOT just be about how to build a website or capture emails 
for your next marketing campaign. However, websites, blogs and other social media tips and strategies will 
definitely be part of the discussion. We will also be talking about marketing yourself as an expert witness 
and paid speaker among other things. This is an excellent opportunity to see and hear how other authors 
have done it and at the same time bring your real world questions and challenges to the table!  

Our discussions are informal, but informative. Everyone will have the chance to share their thoughts and
ask questions about various aspects of being a working writer.  As always, the conversation is likely to
morph and evolve in different directions depending on what everyone brings to the table with their cup of 

We look forward to seeing you for compelling conversation and great coffee!


Free for members and first-time visitors,

$5 for non-members.

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