PAINTED STORIES II – now accepting submissions!


WSN Members (and other writers) are invited to submit either a piece of fiction or non-fiction for our next event in this series that can be read aloud in 10-15 minutes and serve as inspiration for an artist to paint behind them as they read.

Excerpts from longer, or previously published works, will also be considered.


Deadline: April 30, 2015



Those interested in participating must submit a clean as possible draft to: nevadawriters at gmail dot com. Please make the subject line: Painted Stories Submission.

In choosing what to submit, remember, a visually evocative piece will give our artist something to use as inspiration. However, merely describing a scene with pretty language won’t satisfy the audience very much.

A good story, even if it’s an excerpt or a short chapter from a longer work, should have a beginning, middle and end. Or at least, end on a compelling hook.



Our first Painted Stories event was held at the Bootlegger Bistro on Sunday February 8, 2015. It was a lot of fun and WSN got a fair amount of media attention in advance. We were even featured on The Morning Blend talk show on Ch. 13, Las Vegas’ local ABC affiliate. Five authors read as our Guest Artist Mike Davies painted turned blank canvas into an incredible piece of art during each reading. All of his paintings sold out after the show. 

Painted Stories Flier

Painted Stories Flier

Mike Davies The BoxerMike Davies working on Futlitiy's GhostMD and Fire at Ngong Ping Diane Taylor reading at Painted Stories     Taj Ainlay reading at Painted StoriesMike Davies Fire at Ngong Ping

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