Eric James Miller

Eric James Miller has skirted a hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic while delivering yachts in the Caribbean, chased true love not meant to be in Berlin before The Wall came down, been up and down the ladder of the indie filmmaker scene in L.A., and hit a royal flush or two Las Vegas in-between being a corporate accountant and systems trainer.


In other words, he has been counting things and writing about things his whole life .


His first novel, “The Metaphysics of Nudity” published in 1996 was a semi-autobiographical romantic comedy road trip centered around three people driving from L.A. to Manhattan. His second novel, “For Rent:Dangerous Paradise”, the first in a 3-part mystery series published in 2013, was set in Venice Beach where he lived and worked for twelve years. “For Rent: Haunted Neon”, which bridges the early years of Las Vegas with the present is due out late 2016.


He grew up in and around Washington, D.C. and was a double major in English and Accounting at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. He currently resides in Las Vegas and serves as president of Writers of Southern Nevada in-between handicapping sports and keeping up with trends in the casino business.


Topic Outlines Upon Request

Speaking Fee: Negotiable depending on length

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